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We all have the same struggle in the mornings; what breakfast can we eat that is both a quick fix of great food and also easy to make? Let’s face it, most of us are not that great with early morning, much less with breakfast, but it is however the most important meal of the day. Thankfully there are some great ways in which you can get your daily intake of nutrients into your system without all of the hassle. They are called energy boosting breakfast toasts and they are here to stay.

These are specially designed combinations that can be put on toast and give you the exact types of nutrients that you need to start the day off with. One of the most popular combinations is the avocado, feta and pomegranate seeds on whole wheat toast. This is one of the perfect ways to get all of those important start up vitamins into your system. The whole wheat toast is a complex carb meaning that you will get the benefits of slow release energy that complex carbs provide, this means that your chances of crashing during the day are infinitely less than if you were to start the day out with some simple carbs.

The avocado gives you the next set of very vital nutrients in the form of essential fatty acids. These fatty acids help to insulate the pathways between the neurons in your brain. This in turn improves your concentration and makes you more alert and ready for the challenges that they day can throw your way.

The feta will give you the ultimate combination of salts and electrolytes that are vital for your cells to start regenerating. Very often, when you are feeling down, it is actually a lack of salts that you are experiencing, and a little healthy dose of sodium will return everything to its normal state of balance.

The pomegranate pips will give you the dose of much needed natural sugars that we all need as a pick me up when it comes to early mornings.

So there you have it folks, the perfect, healthy solution to giving yourself what you need when it comes to your early morning piece of toast. 

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