A few tips to keep the toddlers safe this Christmas

A few tips to keep the toddlers safe this Christmas

The Christmas season is a period that is definitely quite marvelling for kids, however it can also be a formula for disaster such as, jet lag and visits to family whose homes are not quite geared for babies and little children.

If you’re traveling with the little ones this Christmas, or perhaps having a few friends and family with infants who are coming over for the festive period, read up below for some tips from paediatricians on ways to make things a little more “baby- safe” giving you a more relaxed holiday.

The biggest dangers in a non-baby-proofed house are typically everyday things, paediatricians say. Electrical wires, steep stairs and choking hazards are common dangers, as per Dr. Justin Smith, a leading paediatrician who practises at the Cook Children's Medical Centre in Fort Worth, Texas.

Medications and cleaning supplies are often left within arm's reach of little ones, added Dr. Wendy Swanson, a paediatrician from Seattle Children's Hospital

Festive season hosts should have a quick look at their home to identify the common safety hazards and quickly resolve them

•    Block of stairways to protect little ones from falling down them

•    Cover those exposed plug points

•    Choking is the leading cause of fatalities for children under the age of 3, small toys, coins, or even snacks that are left in reach of toddlers such as, popcorn, nuts, Christmas candy,

•     Get some cable ties from a nearby hardware store and tie up any loose cords that exceed the length of 30cm, as this could possibly strangle a child causing serious injury if not death.

•      Keep Hot beverages away from the edge of the kitchen counter or dining table,

•      Holiday decorations or Christmas tree decorations are a serious choke hazard for toddlers, try and keep the small décor higher up the tree. Also keep checking under the tree if any of the small décor has fallen off.

•      Make sure your Christmas tree is stable! We all may have experienced the 3rd leg that usually collapses with a small tug, leaving the tree on the floor. Try to secure the base as firm as possible to avoid toddlers pulling the tree down with them underneath it.

•       Heavy big boxes wrapped up and placed around the Christmas tree creates a fence for the little ones. (these could be larger gifts placed on the outer of the tree )

Asking hosts to baby-proof their homes doesn't have to be a tense conversation, says Smith.

"Say something like, 'Oh, man, our 2-year-old is really into everything right now, putting things in their mouth and opening doors. Is there something I can do to help you prepare?'" he said.