Apple Admits It Is Working On Self-Driving Cars - Says Its 'Excited About the Potential'

Apple Admits It Is Working On Self-Driving Cars - Says Its 'Excited About the Potential'

The Apple iCar may not be a fairy tale after all as the world's largest tech corporation confesses it is looking into self-driven cars.

Apple's strategy to shape driverless vehicles has been the topic of rumours for the past 2 years - nowadays the company has in conclusion confessed.

A communication to the road manager in the United States discloses the iPhone maker has got a top-secret mission proceeding relating to transportation.

“The company is investing heavily in the study of machine learning and automation, and is excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation,” reads the letter, which came from Apple's director of product integrity, Steve Kenner.

Other technology companies - primarily Google - are deeply advanced in self-driving cars and even have samples out on the road

Apple's 5-page message didn't give away how far along its driving project is away, but specified that there possibly would be "significant societal benefits of automated vehicles."

Apple has already bought a few domain names, such as “” and “” that assisted to add fuel to these rumours.

The letter proposes that established car manufacturers (such as Ford, which is investing in driverless cars) and new entrants, such as itself, Google and Uber, should be treated equally.

Kenner also suggests that the car industry share data to advance the autonomous technology.

"By sharing data, the industry will build a more comprehensive dataset than any one company could create alone," he wrote.

"This will allow everyone in the industry to design systems to better detect and respond to the broadest set of nominal and edge-case scenarios.... Data sharing should not come at the cost of privacy."

"Apple believes that companies should invest the resources necessary to protect individuals’ fundamental right to privacy."

Thus far, Apple now has a car-based structure called CarPlay, which lets you use Apple devices via the vehicles navigation in addition, its entertainment system. And specialists propose the tech corporation is likely more stimulated in constructing software to drive a car than engineering the vehicle itself.

There was preceding conversation around Apple disbursing £1.5 billion to obtain British super car creator and Formula 1 team McLaren. But then again the car maker moved rapidly to suppress these rumours after they popped up.