Best places to enjoy a South African night out

Long Street, Cape Town

Long Street has a range of social and cultural events every evening. The Waiting Room and Honest Chocolate are the hidden street gems just waiting to be discovered. Ensure that you keep a sharp eye on your belongings as well as keep a trusted company in the alleys of this street. 

Muse Champagne Room, Johannesburg

If you’re looking for a chic place, look no further. Muse Champagne Room is a trendy spot situated in Fairlawn’s Boutique Hotel. The menu of appetizers will surely delight your senses, so much so that you are bound to have a memorable evening at this fancy place.

Joe Cools, Durban

One of the best places for experiencing the nightlife in Durban, Joe Cool’s is a vibrant beach bar that accommodates both the crazy party person and someone who embraces the laid-back ambience.

Wild About whiskey, Dullstroom

With over 1,200 kinds of whisky to be you are guaranteed to get into the spirit of a fantastic evening if you do not seek to down your drinks and club hop, then this is the ideal location to spend an entire afternoon and evening.