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Different types of adventure sports

Bungee jumping

Give bungee jumping a shot and experience the ecstasy for yourself. The only catch is, you have to be willing to trust that a rope tied around your waist will be enough to save you as you jump off a cliff or bridge.

Dirt biking

This adventure sport requires a bit more experience and is not beginner-friendly. If getting dirty, speed and balance entice you; the dirt biking is a sport that will excite you.


Zorbing is a less daring adventure sport and can take you back to your childhood days while giving you a unique experience. The game entails you jumping inside a giant plastic ball and rolling down a hill while screaming your lungs out just like you did when you were a child.

Mountain biking

This list would be incomplete without mentioning mountain biking. A sport that satisfies the hunger for height, speed, and a ton of kick, it sure will get your heart racing, quite literally. A quality mountain bike can enhance your experience. Bikes range from R1500- R100 000+.