Disposable Bike Helmet of the Future That Fits In Your Pocket

Disposable Bike Helmet of the Future That Fits In Your Pocket

With bicycle share programs on the ascent over the United States, one undergrad has concocted an answer she trusts will support more secure riding: A recyclable, foldable head protector that could be sold in candy machines.

Isis Shiffer, a modern plan understudy at the Pratt Institute in New York City, was reported as victor of the U.S. James Dyson Award on Thursday for her EcoHelmet creation.

The recyclable, foldable protective cap is so reduced, Shiffer imagines it in candy machines, permitting individuals to buy a cap, put it on their head, cut the straps and pedal to their goal.

The protective cap is produced using waterproofed reused paper, permitting it to hold up in nasty climate. Its spiral honeycomb design permits the protective cap to ingest blows from any heading — a similar way polystyrene, the material covering numerous caps, would work — as per a discharge from the James Dyson Foundation.

Shiffer will be honor $3,500 for her design and will get the opportunity to contend at the global level. The James Dyson Award is named for the British business person and urges understudies to "plan something that takes care of an issue."

The EcoHelmet is a foldable, recyclable protective cap intended to fit in candy machines. Isis Shiffer, the creator of the EcoHelemet, won the U.S. James Dyson Award. The yearly honor approaches understudy to make something that will take care of an issue. The EcoHelmet is mate from waterproof reused paper and has an outspread honeycomb design intended to retain stun. Clients can unfurl it, put it on, clasp the straps and be en route.