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DIY table coasters

Here are DIY table coasters that prove that a little creativity and simple crafting skills can turn almost anything into a tabletop conversation starter.


What you will need:

Utility Knife

4-6 Wine corks

Hot glue gun

4x4 Veneer square




Step 1:  Prepare your wine corks by cutting them in half using your utility knife. Try slicing them accurately so that they fit perfectly onto your venner square and do not leave any open spaces.


Step 2: Before glueing the sliced corks onto the veneer square check to see if you have sliced enough and if they all fit onto the square when placed in an alternating pattern.


Step 3: Use the hot glue gun to stick each cork piece onto the veneer square making sure to keep to an alternating pattern. Place the completed coaster to the side and wait for it to dry.


Step 4: You can decorate the coaster if you like using paint, or any other material you have.