Facebook Carrying Tests of Adding the Much Awaiting Dislike Button

Facebook Carrying Tests of Adding the Much Awaiting Dislike Button

So at last Facebook has launched a “test” dislike button, something we have all been awaiting for years.

Now, when you hover over a chat with a friend through Facebook messenger you have the option to react to what they are saying. Cool!

The test now allows you to simply touch the emoji button and select the like button, (Thumbs Up), or dislike the message by selecting a thumbs down.

Currently there aren’t any other emoji’s, like the usual “In Love” emoji or the angry and sad ones either.

Your reaction to a particular comment or message within a chat is now visible to all other participants within the chat, attaching your dislike or like to a specific message.

You are also able to tap and view how others have reacted to a message with the thread…


Facebook stated “We’re always testing ways to make Messenger more fun and engaging,” Facebook told TechCrunch in a statement. “This is a small test where we enable people to share an emoji that best represents their feelings on a message.”

So basically this tells us that at the moment not all users have the ability to Dislike a message, but it is dependent on how people react to it that will determine whether or not it will be rolled out across the board.

For many years, Facebook Users have cried out for a way to express their dissatisfaction and dissimilarity with a post but Facebook has always stated that they have no plans to introduce such a button.

Facebook has said in the past that such a feature will bring about tides of negativity to the site, and people are able to express their thoughts through a comment if needed.

According to Facebook, the new Dislike feature is seen as more of a "no" button. Messenger is used for planning and sorting out a date to meet so these new reactions could be a quick way of seeing who is free and getting agreement on a date/time. There's also a yes/no option.

Hence, right now there isn’t really an actual Dislike button, but rather just the usual thumbs down emoji.

Facebook launched Reactions a year ago, with more than 300 billion being sent so far. Love is the most frequently used.