How to Build Local Backlinks to Your Website

How to Build Local Backlinks to Your Website

As you know, link Building is one of the most important factors in increasing your organic rankings – the more links you have, the higher up you will rank. However, for local businesses, you need more localised links. Start by checking out Moz Local, it has a list of all the localised directories in the world. You can use Moz Local to get more local Links, especially from localised directories.

Some of these directories maybe national or global, but they have localised sections with your city, such as ‘Durban”. So, if you’re based in Durban, there are many localised directories that you can list on, such as Brabys.

Look at your local chamber of commerce – they usually help promote business, approach them and request a link, as you do pay your taxes within this city, so there is no harm in asking. You should also network with other localised businesses in your area, some of them may be your competitors but a lot of them won’t be.

For example, you own a beauty salon in which you paint nails, and do manicures and pedicures, and someone else has a hair styling company and that’s all they do. You guys can cross promote each other and link to each other, because a lot of people who get their hair done, may also need their nails done, and a lot of people who get their nails done, may also need their hair done.

Visit – Enter your competitor’s URLs within your localised region, and it will show you who’s linking to them. Contact each of those websites, call them, and introduce yourself, and get a backlink. “I notice that you’re linking to ABand, we have a similar business {your business URL}, with in the same region but we also offer A B & C services that they don’t offer. So you should also check us out it may be useful to your website visitors and if you like us, feel free to link to us”