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How to change a plug

How to change a plug

  1. Cut off the cord about 2 inches above the plug - The wiring just above the plug can get damaged when you insert or take the plug out of wall sockets. By cutting the cord shorter, you avoid potential trouble spots.
  2. Squeeze the two prongs of the new plug together (like you squeeze tweezers) so you can pull them out of the casing - The plastic insulator will come off with them. Now you have to attach the wires of the cord to the plug
  3. Slip the cord through the plug casing.
  4. If the prongs are on a single unit with crimp-style connectors, open the prongs by gently pulling them apart.
  5. Push the cord into the slot at the back of the unit.
  6. Squeeze the prongs closed (together).
  7. Slide the unit back into the casing.
  8. Replace the plastic insulator


If you decide to buy both the cord and plug, you only have to attach the cord to the appliance. Buy the new cord before you take the old one off the base of the appliance. Then attach the new cord to the base in reverse order for taking it off.

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