How to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate?

How to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate?

There is no easy way to optimising a websites conversion rate, however here are a few tips on how to improve the conversion rates by understanding how your website visitors behave, and uncover conversion opportunities.

1) Find the problem – Find where there are conversion killers on your website hence, first you should get a clear picture of your conversion funnel? Where do they enter, and where along their path to converting do they leave?

Do you have a high bounce rate on your main landing pages? Such as your homepage or an inner page? Do a lot of people who reach your contact form, leave before filling it out?

2) Form a hypothesis – once you figured out what the problem is with your website, you need to think of possible reasons as to why people are leaving without converting? If you are running a PPC campaign, do your keywords match up with your main message on your corresponding landing pages?

Look at how well you’re landing pages work, do they load quickly enough? Do they respond well on all devices and browsers?

There are 2 types of feedback that you can get about your website, quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative Information may be gathered using a tool called Crazy Egg, it tracks where visitors click on your pages, and what part of your pages they spending more time looking at.

For qualitative, you can use where real people describe their experience using your website.

Using these 2 tools combined, should help you find a few areas of your website worth taking a look at.

A few page elements to consider:

·         Imagery – Usage of one image vs another.

·         Messaging – the word of your main message or any other message on your website.

·         Call-to-action - the wording, positioning and design of your call to action.

·         Interface design - the hierarchy of page elements, their colours and fonts used all have an effect on visitor’s perceptions.

Be bold when making changes on your website, make noticeable changes that will make a positive effect on your conversions rate.

3) Test – to make good decisions about the future of your conversions, test your hypothesis using an AB testing tool such as Visual Website Optimiser, allowing you to test your ideas against your existing content. Run these tests until you have a statistically significant results hence one versions probability in outperforming the other in future is extremely likely. If your tests do not yield any results, then your testing may not have a significant impact on conversions. You should probably make a bolder change on the element that you are testing.

4) Implement and start over – once you have completed your testing, implement your test results, and start the process all over again about hypothesising what may improve the conversions rates on your website.