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How to tell if you are addicted to energy drinks

Below is a list of clues that will let you know how addicted you truly are.

  1. You have to have an energy drink as soon as you wake in the morning
  2. You can consume multiple energy drinks within a day
  3. You’ve  developed a tolerance for caffeine, and often feel tired even after consuming caffeine
  4. You find it hard to consume plain water
  5. You require an energy drink to concentrate on a task or work
  6. Friends and family voice their concern on your caffeine consumption
  7. You get withdrawal symptoms such as headaches when you consume less than you usually would in a day
  8. Energy drinks have interrupted your required sleeping hours of 7-8 hours daily
  9. You are irritable and different when you do not consume energy drinks.

If you could identify with a few of these clues, there is a high chance you are addicted to energy drinks. You could assess your level of addiction to figure out if you should cut down or not.

If you feel like energy drinks are producing more of a negative impact on your life as opposed to benefits energy drinks seek to deliver, it may be a good idea to take a break or detox in order to break the addiction completely.