Keyword Research – 5 Important Keyword Research Strategy

Keyword Research – 5 Important Keyword Research Strategy

Here we outline 5 of the most important keyword research strategies to finding hidden keyword opportunities that your competition doesn’t know about.

Most people go about keyword research the incorrect way, by starting up the google keyword planner – which is one of the last place you want to look for good keyword ideas for your business – the reason being, is that it tends to give you very close variations of the keyword you entered, with very little intelligent variations. It also tents to give the same keywords to everyone, including your competition.

So, for you to be different and target keywords that may be less competitive and more profitable you need to try a few of the following when starting your keyword research.

1) Forums and Message Boards – Forums are a good place where your target market hangs out and has discussions 24/7 around your products/services. Look at threads that people have started, usually when someone starts a thread, there have a problem that they could not find an answer to on Google. Filling this gap in content could be highly profitable in reaching the right target audience in a less competitive space.

2) Wikipedia – A highly unutilised keyword research platform. Enter a broad keyword related term on the search field of Wikipedia, take a look at the contents of the page that comes up, each of the contents are relevant keywords that you can now enter on the Google keyword planner.

3) Google Search Results – the little area at the bottom of Google search results is one of the best places to find new keyword ideas, it’s called “searches related to” which is Googles way of showing you thematically related keywords related to the keyword you put in. Enter a keyword related to your niche, scroll down the bottom and look at “searches related to” a lot of times these are keywords that the Google keyword planner will never show you.

4) Amazon – Visit enter a keyword in the book sections and find a popular book within your niche, then click on “lookaside” which will now show you the table of contents within that book, each chapter within the table of contents are great keyword ideas which you can place into the Google keyword planner to find a few variations.

5) – Termed as the “Holy Grail” of keyword research – when you search for a keyword on, it shows you the most popular questions, which basically means things that people are interested in, or in other words, keywords which people search for on Google – Visit – enter a keyword within your niche, and you can find questions and answers. Look at the questions and find keywords that appear over again, thereafter take these keywords and enter it into the Keyword planner for further variations.