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Many attorneys offer an initial consultation free of charge. Take advantage of this and use the meeting to determine whether the attorney is honest and forthcoming. Instinctively, some people have the ability to determine an individual's character within a few minutes of interacting with the person; however, there are a few personality traits that can also tip you off.

Prior to entering into any official relationship, it is important to feel secure in the knowledge that your lawyer is an honest individual. It would be equally disturbing to find out that the attorney representing you is hurting your case because of their questionable reputation.


The initial meeting or conversation with the attorney can also help you to determine whether they are oriented and will be responsive to your needs. Be sure to ask the attorney if it's okay to call them throughout the case to discuss any concerns you may have. If they balk at the idea, it may indicate that you'll have trouble relaying your thoughts and obtaining answers to your questions once the case is up and running.


There is nothing worse than having an attorney who won't respond to your inquiries or hear your concerns. To that end, be sure to retain an attorney who is communicative.