"Madagascar" Style Penguin Escape From Zoo

It seems that a gang of mischievous penguins at a zoo have obviously been watching too much TV!
These little winged mammals were snapped on camera as they mimicked the popular penguins from the 2005 DreamWorks motion picture Madagascar by scrambling toward an opportunity to escape. 
The footage shows  little foot shaped impressions which can be seen everywhere throughout the hallway and it doesn't take long for zoo staff to make sense of what the brassy creatures were actually up to. He then starts to pursue these foot prints and after taking a nearby corner his camera catches the offenders in the act shuffling towards the way out in a last attempt to be free.  Amusingly they seem to run quicker when they sense the zoo guardian behind them.
Not to be defeated just yet, the spunky penguins seem to search for an alternate exit plan. After realising that their plan was going to be a fail, these penguins decided to make a quick U-turn and, head back from where they had come from furiously waddling past the Zoo Keeper and the camera. 
The footage finishes ended with one of these black and white creatures honking arrogantly as the gang heads around the corner in a straight line.
Alongside the video, a representative from the Odense Zoo kidded in a comment saying 'Perhaps our penguins have watched the penguins of Madagascar a bit too much.'
Madagascar was previewed in 2005 and is based around computer generated cartoon animals living in Central Park Zoo, New York. The film highlights a gathering of creative penguins named Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private who manage to plot and plan their escape their get away from the Zoo. 
In the long run the winged creatures do figure out how to escape from the zoo and commandeer a Ship, which they use to go to Antarctica and finally to Madagascar.
Follow this link to watch the footage:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QxUOpRypaQ