Man arrested for long overdue VHS rental

Man arrested for long overdue VHS rental

Like the rest of us, James Meyers Jr. forgot about the 2001 Tom Green hit "Freddy Got Fingered" — a movie so terrible that it was compared to a "vomitorium" by critic Roger Ebert.

However, memories of the revolting comedy came rushing back to the North Carolina dad this week when he was unexpectedly arrested for failing to return a VHS rental to a local video rental store — around 14 years ago. And yes that movie, as Meyers said, was "Freddy Got Fingered."

"I don't remember ever owning it, renting it, or watching it," he told NBC News. "Really, everything from more than 10 years ago is a blur."

The Concord Police Department questioned Meyers after stopping him for a broken brake light while driving his little girl to school. At that time, cops happen to realise that there was a warrant out for his arrest for failing to return the VHS.

The almost 40 year old caterer and D.J. said he had no idea on what was happening when the police officer told him to jump out of his vehicle. Even during previous unrelated court hearings and other traffic stops, he never sensed he was wanted for failing to return a movie.

Meyers was not arrested at the scene, but the offices had him come down to the station to be served with the warrant. When he showed up, he was handcuffed at the magistrate's office — standard procedure, Concord police said in a news release.

Meyers was ordered to appear in court on April 27 for failure to return rental property, a misdemeanour. If the case isn't dismissed, his lawyer Adam Seifer said Meyers would face having a criminal record. But that's not likely because prosecutors would have to prove Meyers deliberately held onto the movie for 14 years, he said. Plus, J&J's Video, the rental store, is no longer in service.

Meyers said police should be going after real criminals, not him. "They're not here catching heroin dealers," he said. "They're chasing people for movie rentals from places that don't even exist anymore. That blows my mind."

Green, the star of “Freddie got fingered”, was shocked at the arrest, tweeting "I just saw this and I am struggling to believe it is real."