'Nightmare-Inducing' Robots to Japan's Softbank

'Nightmare-Inducing' Robots to Japan's Softbank

Tech giant Google is getting rid of one of its high end robotics businesses, to one of Japans largest tech firms.

Announcing on Friday, SoftBank says they are purchasing robot manufacturer Boston Dynamics from Alphabet, Google's parent company. They say this deal will get them closer to being leaders in "the next wave of smart robotics."

In the past, Boston Dynamics has broke headlines introducing stunning robots, that run, jump & are able to even climb up a flight of stairs. Described by their Chief Executive Officer as, “nightmare inducing."

Mayoshi Son, SoftBank's billionaire CEO has not hidden his interest in robots: and has many times been quoted saying that they will possibly out number humans 30 years.

SoftBank is one of the companies that back Pepper, known to be the world's 1st robot proficient of interpreting human emotions.

Announced within the deal on Friday, SoftBank is set to also acquire Schaft, Alphabets 5 year old robotic company. Prices have not been confirmed as to what the purchase figure was for either businesses.

Boston Dynamics was purchased by Alphabet around 4 years ago as a leap into robotics, and has quickly left Alphabets umbrella since.  This action was accompanied by other investments, with Google investing in a few other robotics companies, such as Schaft, which was led by former head of Googles Android mobile unit, Andy Rubin.

He then left Google 3 years ago to start up a business development programme for tech start-up’s.

After concluding that it wasn't likely to produce a marketable product in the next few years, Alphabet decided to sell Boston Dynamics, reported Bloomberg. An Alphabet spokesman declined to comment on the reasons behind the sale.

"Robotics as a field has great potential, and we're happy to see Boston Dynamics and Schaft join the SoftBank team to continue contributing to the next generation of robotics," he said.

AS a spinoff from MIT (Massuchusets Institute of Technology), Boston Dynamics begun back in 1992 claiming to have industrialized the first robots that were able to run and move like animals.

Now proudly showcasing an array of forward-thinking machines, which includes one in particular, able to run at speeds of up to 32 kmh (20 mph)., and another abled to carry loads of up to 500kg.

In 2016, SoftBank set objectives of moving in the world of smart robotics, AI (artificial intelligence) and the well-known internet side of the business, in conjunction with their core telecoms business.