Robocar: World's First Driverless Electric Racing Car Unveiled At MWC 2017

Robocar: World's First Driverless Electric Racing Car Unveiled At MWC 2017

The world’s first’s robot driven race car named, “Robocar” has been revealed by a company known as Roborace.

Mobile World Congress showcased the “car from the future” held in Barcelona and was designed by an automotive futurist, in the past creating futuristic vehicles for sci-fi hits such as the Tron Legacy as well as Oblivion.

According to the production team the car is able to reach speeds of over 320kph.

Chief designer of Roborace, Daniel Simon says: “Roborace opens a new dimension where motorsport as we know it meets the unstoppable rise of artificial intelligence," "Whilst pushing the boundaries of engineering, we styled every single part of the Robocar".

Robocar uses various technologies such as radar, ultrasonic sensors, AI cameras and speed sensors to drive itself accurately.

The vehicle is powered by a CPU, The Nvidia Drive PX2 which is capable of processing up to 24 million Artificial Intelligence operations every second.

In order to calculate the safest route to manoeuvre itself, Robocar uses a complex learning 360-degree situational awareness around the vehicle to figure out which is the best move to make to safely steer the car at high speeds.

The car is capable of traveling at high speeds by the use of four combined motors, each cable of producing 300kw of power.

Dimensions, Robocar is fairly average sized compared to modern day super cars at 4.8metres long, and 2 metres wide, weighing 975kg.

The electrical systems for these Futuristic vehicles, which include the motors and electronics will be provided courtesy of UK-based electric truck company known as “Charge”.

In all essence the idea here is to allow future racing teams that will use the same electrical systems, as used in Robocar, but with an opportunity of stepping ahead of the rest by developing their own Artificial Intelligence systems that will actually race the vehicle, growing the driverless software sector within the automotive industry.

These cars will be fitted with the best tyres, designed particularly for Robocar by brands such as Michelin, branded colourfully by other brands/sponsors such as Lego, Visa and Nvidia.

“This is a huge moment for Roborace as we share the Robocar with the world and take another big step in advancing driverless electric technology," said Denis Sverdlov, Roborace CEO.

"It was very important for us that we created an emotional connection to driverless cars and bring humans and robots closer together to define our future".