Rumours of a healthy KFC burger

Rumours of a healthy KFC burger

KFC, immediately the thought that pops up into your mind is the smell of those 11 exceptionally mixed herbs and flavours that make the ideal crispy chicken meal.

However, with the way things are looking now days, with healthy living, there’s not much room to fit this meal into a clean and well balanced diet.

Well, things are about to change for our KFC lovers, welcome to the new 'clean eating' KFC burger , which swaps almost every component of the usual KFC burger that we all know and love with more healthy, beneficial, green counter parts of the usual ingredients.

Bread bun? None! The new KFC rounder offers a raw cauliflower chopped in two, stuffed up with boiled chicken instead of the fried usual offering far less calories, a substitute for flavour.

Add in some squished-up ice, and you now have a healthier form of burger relish, coupled with some rashes of organic kale.

Sounds temptingly delicious, doesn’t it? Well, of course it doesn’t! And thank goodness the “c;ean burger” was a whole new hoax hosted by KFC during the launch of their new limited edition burger , “The Dirty Louisiana” .

 “Life’s too short to eat joyless food - get down to your nearest KFC and enjoy the taste of our sauciest burger ever, The Dirty Louisiana.” says A KFC spokesperson