Step By Step Guide To Getting Higher Rankings

Step By Step Guide To Getting Higher Rankings

Step 1 – Create and publish a high-quality infographic – People love sharing and linking to infographics.  A recent industry study by Buzzsumo found that infographics generate way more shares than blog posts or videos. You need to publish a high-quality infographic on your website.

It’s quite simple – you don’t need to design the infographic yourself, but rather outline the direction of your piece of content in point form and get a professional designer to bring it to life.

Focus more on the quality of content instead of the design.

1st, Find a topic in your industry that people care about – Google news is a good place to find trending pieces of content.

Next, list your absolute best tips and tactics – Keep in mind that it is an infographic, and you don’t have a lot of space to work with. SO, try and keep it to under 20 tips.

Now it’s time to turn your tips into a logical layout – Your layout is how you organize and present your content – Designer call this the wireframe, the design is the end product of how it actually looks.

Design your infographic – There are hundreds of infographics that are published every day, and for yours to stand out it needs to be designed professionally. Hire a good designer to bring your infographic to life. Always request a portfolio of design work from a designer when choosing a designer. Try and find a designer who focuses on Info graphs.

Once your infographic has been designed, publish it on your website. When most people publish piece of content, they cross their fingers and hopes it goes viral. SEO specialists know that content promotion is huge, specifically promotions that focuses on blogger outreach, find people that already write about your topic on Google. You can also search for a list of popular blogs within your niche. You will now find a list of people that are likely to share your content with their readers.

Email the people that you found in the step above asking them if they would like to publish your infographic.

Offer a “Mini Guest Post” – Most people beg for links, and it doesn’t work – Adding value is the most important factor when link building – Instead of begging for a link, you offer the blogger a unique introduction that they can use when they post your infographic on their site.

Lastly – get a contextual backlink – Google gives much more weight to backlinks that are surrounded by unique content. The problem with most of the links you get from infographics is that it’s at the bottom of the infographic, which is not surrounded by any content. These links can help your rankings, a little.  By publishing an infographic through a guest post, your link is surrounded by content.