Stuck In Traffic? Just Fly Away (Some Day)

Stuck In Traffic? Just Fly Away (Some Day)

If you’re looking for a motor show that displays only the most spectacular super cars, then it’s the Geneva Motor Show you’re looking for, showcasing the limited edition Italdesign vehicle, so unique that they will only be producing 5 of these cars this year.

Accelerating from 0 – 100km/hour in only 3 seconds, the screaming V10 delivers more than enough.

Amongst this “hyper car”, the team at Italdesign unveiled something a little different last week, something that actually flies, Yes a flying vehicle.

European airplane manufacturer Airbus (EADSF) in co-operation with Italdesign developed the concept vehicle. At a first glance, the car looks quite similar to a “Smart Car”, much resembling that of a sphere riding on a 4 wheeled chariot. 

The car is accompanied by a gigantic drone, which, when in heavy traffic, flies to the vehicle and attaches itself to the roof, picking up the sphere shaped capsule and flying away with the passenger’s safe inside. 

So, while the passengers are calmly flying towards their destination, piloted autonomously, the car driverless car slowly makes its way following traffic to a nearby charging station.