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The different types of printers

The different types of printers

Dot Matrix Printers

Dot matrix printers work by striking pins against an ink ribbon. This produces dots that are spaced closely together that, when looked at as a whole, create the desired image. These can be quite pricey and the quality of the prints they produce is far from superb.

Line Printers

These are super quick, but the quality of their prints is certainly sacrificed. As the name suggests, they print one line at a time.


Plates within the printer direct the flow of ink, which can either be electrically charged (piezoelectric) or heated (thermal bubble). These types are popular in many offices and homes as they are relatively inexpensive to purchase and produce prints that are vibrant. However, know that replacing ink in these machines can become an expensive affair.


An image is produced on a drum using laser technology, as the name suggests. The laser is directed at the drum in the desired pattern, and this changes the electrical charge of the areas affected. After this, the drum is rolled in toner and the areas that have been lasered pick up this toner, which is then transferred permanently onto the substrate using pressure and heat.


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