The Importance of User Experience in SEO

The Importance of User Experience in SEO

What is a quality user experience on a website? Although there are a lot of possible definitions on quality, let’s say you send 100 people to a page of your website, they got there by searching on Google by search for your products or services, and now how many people are actually happy with their experience on the page.

We all know it won’t be 100%, after all, no matter how good your page is, it won’t have exactly what some people are looking for, and they will quickly leave, others may like your products, and services but your page is lacking something which causes a lack of trust, and they leave.

A few reasons why people will leave your website, some users may not like the way your website looks, or find it confusing, or maybe you don’t have the specific content that they were looking for, or even may have been distracted by something and left your page.

Google always wants to provide the best results to the user, if your website offers a bad UX, it will never rank well, as Google always wants to offer the best user experience, for their target audience.

Google looks how quickly a user bounces back to the search result after clicking on a listing, and there after clicks on another website, this is called pogo-sticking. Google can also do a content analyses of your website and pick up if it’s to one dimensional or missing key features such as related products/services or a privacy page.

Showing related products and services that anticipate the breadth of the need someone arriving at your page may have. Search Engines are getting better and better at judging what makes for quality user experience on a page or website. Hence, we need to care more about providing a great experience for our visitors – Happy users are more likely to convert, and share your website with their friends.