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Tips and Tricks for Glass Laser Engraving

Tips and Tricks for Glass Laser Engraving

There are various methods for laser engraving glass and creating special effects. Here are few:

1. Moist paper towel

Using a moist paper towel helps prevent the engraving area from becoming rough, and leads to a clear, white engraving result. Before you start engraving, apply a moist single-layer paper towel to the glass. Making sure that there are no air bubbles or overlaps. After engraving, the residue easily wipes off.

2. Application tape

Application tape can also be used to prevent the surface from roughening. With application tape, however, the engraving colour is rather greyish and not bright white.

3. Engraving without auxiliary materials

Moist paper towel or application tape is not the only options you have. You can create effects by making adjustments such as changing the colour in the graphic to minimize the effect of heat on a large surface, to optimize engraving results.

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