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Tips that will make you a sought-after artisan

Companies looking for artisan labour look for certain skills before they invite an artisan for an interview. Whether you are hiring or the one looking for a job, here is a typical profile of an artisan.

Section 13 Trade Test

Artisan occupations require for applicants to complete a Trade Test which serves as a theoretical and practical demonstration of the applicant's knowledge and skills. Individuals are certified after completing the test.

Solid Track Record

Companies looking to hire new artisan labour are not too fond of job hoppers. Individuals who have not been in a company for three to four years raise red flags. Recruiters are looking for professionals who will stay at their new company for a long period, they will grow with the company.

Relevant industry experience

Training a new staff member can be costly, so requiters will always look for individuals with relevant experience within the specified job role. Three to four years is ideal and having experience with basic or fundamental tasks and activities is vital.