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Top Al Fakher Hookah flavour

1. Al Fakher Mint 

Mint can be mixed with nearly every flavour and Al Fakher's version is the best authentic mint flavour around. Others brands might have a stronger flavour, but no brand has been able to reproduce that essential fresh mint flavour like Al Fakher.

2. Al Fakher Two Apples

Two Apples aka Double Apple is a mixture of green and red apples with a generous dose of anise, or liquorice as one of the original Al Fakher flavours, Two apples are smoked all over the world.

3. Golden Bahraini Apple

This is a deliciously fragrant red apple flavour that is available in Al Fakher's "Golden" line that is characterized by its thick smoke

4. Watermelon Mint

This juicy blend of sweet watermelon and cooling mint. The smoke is thick, and the flavour will last for an hour or more. Try Al Fakher watermelon with a touch of mint and enjoy a sweet fruity blast with a cool mint finish!

5. Vanilla

Al Fakher Vanilla can be used as a flavour enhancer, though delicious on its own, the subtle, yet the rich flavour is ideal for enriching the flavour of almost any hookah tobacco. Try mixing Vanilla with Mint, Lemon, Peach, Apple, Cinnamon, Grape, Orange, or just about anything else and you can think of.