Walking , Talking Smartphone Robohon

Walking , Talking Smartphone Robohon

Sharp's uncertainly useful but absolutely delightful phone, “RoboHon “,  who  walks around on two legs and projects you pleasant images when you're sad and alone in your bedroom, is essentially making its way to market.

The company showed off the world's first humanoid phone that it is shaped like a human and can recognize its owner's face and engage in conversations.

The Japanese electronics giant has really taken the smartphone industry to a whole new level, and has announced that the phone / robot / thing will be released on May 26th in Japan, with pre-orders now open.

It is equipped with a 2-inch screen on its back and runs Android 5.0. Robohon also comes with regular functions of smartphones, but can also show videos from a projector installed on its forehead.

RoboHon selling price is a whopping 198,000 yen (or about $1,800) before you get into service fees!!!

So money can definitely buy friendship!

View Robohon here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92PiBNTtONI