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Website design Dos and Don’t’s

Website design Dos and Don’t’s

Do optimize your website for search

It is important that your website and all its pages rank well on search engine result pages. As you update your website design and pages, make sure to follow the most recent SEO standards

Don’t clutter the layout of your site

Cluttered sites are visually confusing and have a higher chance of turning customers away just as they enter your site. Make sure your layout directs the user to where you want them to go.

Do create a focal point

After determining the purpose of your website, make it the focal point of your homepage. E-Commerce will drive its users to make sales because that is the purpose of the website.

Don’t use too many fonts

Using too many fonts increases the effort needed by users to read through your site. Too many fonts can also make a website look unprofessional. Keep to a minimum of three fonts.

Do make it visually attractive

Users think visually, which is why images are very effective for your website. Find pictures that have a high resolution and are not pixelated. Textures and gradients can also be visually appealing.

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