How to Optimise For Natural and Voice Search

Google Voice queries have increase 35 times since 2008. Voice search is 4 times faster than typing, hence the user gets results faster. Some users have difficulty typing on smaller devices, and often need to correct their search a few times, therefore Google has spent a lot of time developing their voice search engine to … Continued

How to Get Your Website Found In Google Search

Rank Brain – Learn how to optimise Googles new Artificial Intelligence, machine learning system has been revealed as one of the top 3 ranking signals in 2017. Rank brain is used to answer questions that may have never been asked or queried in the past. The number of new queries per month equate to around … Continued

How To Get A Google Featured Snippet For Your Business?

A trending topic of discussion now days with all SEO specialists and business owners around the globe. The way to get your website found under featured snippets revolves around quality content that has been formatted using a specific schema that represents your best suits your content. You do not necessarily need to be found on … Continued

What Are Featured Snippets In Google Search?

Many of you have noticed featured snippets in search, it is Google way of delivering content intended to answers a search query without the need of a click on through to the website that the content sits on. These snippets are often termed Position zero, as they appear above the first result on SERPs. Featured … Continued

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