What is SEO?

Today, around 94% of consumers or businesses search the internet before buying a product or service. They submit their key phrases to the search engine and get a list of relevant websites that match their search query. People tend to click on users at the top of search results as they appear to be more … Continued

What Is Marketing Analytics and Why It Matters?

Wonder how your marketing campaigns are really performing? Are they working together to build a solid customer base? Which channel is attracting more than others? Analytics gives you a direct illustration of your marketing campaigns and the bigger picture of your overall marketing strategy. The ability to accurately report on the past, analyse the past … Continued

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital is the promotion of products or brands through digital media.  By using digital marketing methods and channels you can analysis your marketing campaigns to analysis what is working and what isn’t working in real time. Although the internet is typically the most closely associated with digital marketing, other channels are just as important. Digital … Continued

The Importance of User Experience in SEO

What is a quality user experience on a website? Although there are a lot of possible definitions on quality, let’s say you send 100 people to a page of your website, they got there by searching on Google by search for your products or services, and now how many people are actually happy with their … Continued

The Basics of Link Building

Link building is an important part of SEO, and what you are actually doing by building backlinks, is building authority. If you have no authority, you have no rankings, hence acquiring higher authority links is going to boost your authority, as you gain authority you gain engagement in search results. What is a backlink? A … Continued

Step By Step Guide To Getting Higher Rankings

Step 1 – Create and publish a high-quality infographic – People love sharing and linking to infographics.  A recent industry study by Buzzsumo found that infographics generate way more shares than blog posts or videos. You need to publish a high-quality infographic on your website. It’s quite simple – you don’t need to design the … Continued

Off Pages SEO – How to Build Links

SO how does one get authoritative websites in your market to link to you, without having a fortune 500 budget, or connections with influential bloggers. There are a few ways, today we will focus on the Sky Scraper technique to generate links and traffic to your website. The first step would be to find content … Continued

Keyword Research – 5 Important Keyword Research Strategy

Here we outline 5 of the most important keyword research strategies to finding hidden keyword opportunities that your competition doesn’t know about. Most people go about keyword research the incorrect way, by starting up the google keyword planner – which is one of the last place you want to look for good keyword ideas for … Continued

How to Optimise Your Website

A few years ago, it was all about keyword stuffing, things like keyword density where trending topics amongst webmasters- however, today after Google update such as Humming and Rankbrain, on page SEO is much more complicated, but one thing hasn’t changed, there is a right and wrong way to optimise your content. 1) Use Short … Continued

How to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate?

There is no easy way to optimising a websites conversion rate, however here are a few tips on how to improve the conversion rates by understanding how your website visitors behave, and uncover conversion opportunities. 1) Find the problem – Find where there are conversion killers on your website hence, first you should get a … Continued

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