How to Get Google to Index Your Website?

In order to get traffic from Google, you first need to get indexed. If Google doesn’t know about your website, you will not get any organic traffic. Step 1: Sign up for google search console which is a free service from Google which allows you to see your website similar to how Google see’s your … Continued

How to Get Ranked On Google Quickly Using Internal Linking For SEO

Internal linking can greatly improve your rankings. Every time you add content to your website, you need to link this content to pages that has content relating to the specific products/service that you mention within your post. Using the sidebar to link other pages is also a great option. By passing a lot of internal … Continued

How to Run SEO Experiments?

The best part about SEO is that you can make a change on your website, Google will pick it up within a week and you can quickly see if the change is having an impact or is actually hurting your rankings. Nobody knows everything about SEO, algorithms continually change, and for this reason you have … Continued

How to Write a Great Post for Your Blog?

The first thing you want to do is to figure out the structure of all your blog posts. A basic template includes an, Introduction, Body and a Conclusion. Once you have a template, you need to fill it in every time you want to create a new blog post. First write the introduction, and have … Continued

How Many Keywords Can A Single Page Rank For?

You can put 100’s of keywords on a single page, there is no limit to the overall number of keywords that you can use on a page. However, you are not going to be writing pages, based on a specific number of keywords, instead, what you should be doing is to come up with the … Continued

How to Build Local Backlinks to Your Website

As you know, link Building is one of the most important factors in increasing your organic rankings – the more links you have, the higher up you will rank. However, for local businesses, you need more localised links. Start by checking out Moz Local, it has a list of all the localised directories in the … Continued

How to Decrease Your Bounce Rate?

One factor that Google looks at when it comes to determining whether to rank your website higher or lower in search, is bounce rates. That’s how many people go to your website, and then bounce right off. If they are leaving right away, that means that they are not finding what they are looking for. … Continued

How to Increase Your Organic Traffic in a Month?

Are there any ways to quickly increase your search traffic? The answer is yes; you can increase your search traffic by 50% in less than a month. Let’s look at URL structure. Cleaning up your URL structure can increase your website traffic. Always ensure that your URL structure correlates with your overall on-page SEO. Keep … Continued

How to Identify and Remove Harmful Backlinks

Firstly, start by visiting Open Site explorer, and search your websites backlinks manually. If the site that links to you looks dodgy, you can usually tell by just looking at it. If it is off topic, zero-page rank, or looks bad it will give you negligible positive at best. The thing is, that most of … Continued

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