How To Get More Instagram Followers Fast

It’s better than using zero so roughly use between five and 10 hashtags. Best of all, make sure you follow 30 people per hour. You can technically follow more people per hour but then, it gets too spammy and you’re going to hit Instagram filters. Instead, follow 30 people within your space per hour or … Continued


How to Write Viral Content for Your Website

Writing blog posts is time consuming. So, when you write one, you publish it, and hope it goes viral, but if it doesn’t? When you write content, you want it to go viral. You want people to be sharing it, linking to it, clicking to it, and you want it to rank on Google. So, … Continued


SEO Tools to Help You Out Rank Your Competitors

Online marketing is hard. How do you increase your traffic? With so many things out there from paid advertising, to SEO, to social media marketing, to content marketing, there’s so many things that you can do, how do you know what ones to leverage first to help you grow your traffic? So, no matter what … Continued


How to Build DA 70+ Links

How can you can build DA 70 plus links? DA stands for domain Authority which is basically scored on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being strongest – The higher your domain Authority is the easier it is for you to create a piece of content and get it ranking easily. The higher … Continued


Conversion Optimization: How to Split Test Your Way to Success

You got a website, you want run tests, and how do you know what things you should be changing on your own website? How to know which elements on your web page or website to change and test. The first step is adding Crazy Egg to your website. Crazy Egg is a visual analytics tool. … Continued


Building Links from Article Directories

There’s all these directories out on the web they’re one of the easiest place to get links. Hey everyone I’m Neil Patel and today I’m going to answer the question: should you get links from article directories? Well the quick and easy answer is “no!” Just look at this directory here on this screen. You … Continued


Affiliate Marketing -Market Your Business with a Small Budget

You’re starting a business or you may have one. But you don’t have the money to spend on marketing. Affiliate Marketing! The cool part about affiliate marketing is that its performance based marketing. If someone drives you a lead or a sale, you pay them out. You pay them on a cost per acquisition. Acquisition … Continued


What Is Growth Hacking? (Drop Box Example)

Growth hacking is a rapid experimentation process in which you can truly change things within your marketing to grow faster. The beautiful part about growth hacking is it involves all channels within the organization not just marketing, it involves product, engineering, and sometimes even sales. You see, traditional marketing was just, “Hey, let me buy … Continued


Optimise Your Headlining to Get Better CTR’s

Eight out of ten people are going to read your headline, but only two out of ten are going to click through and read the rest of your article. Why? It’s because your headlines aren’t catchy? You want to make sure it’s so appealing people not only want to click through, but they’re going read … Continued

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