Is Building Backlinks To Your Competitors A Good Thing?

It’s sad, but you’re not going to produce the best content on the web. Sure, you may have some amazing articles, but your competitors probably have some amazing articles as well. “Should you link out to your competitors? “Well, the short answer is, “Yes. “It doesn’t matter if someone’s even a direct competitor. You know … Continued


Increase Your Website’s Revenue – Site Speed

Amazon did a study and they found that every second delay their website loads, they lose1% of their revenue. That’s a lot of money. Sure, you’re not as big as Amazon but it’s roughly the same, for every second your website takes longer to load you’re going to lose more revenue. The first thing you … Continued


How to Choose the Right SEO Marketer for Your Business?

You want more search traffic but you don’t have any time. What should you do? Well, you probably should hire SEO. The first thing you need to do is look for someone who has a proven track record just because that person knows about SEO doesn’t mean they’re actually good at it. If they don’t … Continued


Gain Traffic to Your Website Organic Search

The best way to get consistent traffic to your website is through SEO. But if you don’t know SEO, what should you do? The first thing you need to do is practice. Practice makes perfect. If you don’t practice how are you ever going to get good at something or learn something? You don’t want … Continued


Free WordPress Plugin to Help Optimise Your Website

Well, if you blog you probably use WordPress, why, because it’s the best blogging plat format there, plus it’s free. Who would want to pay for blogging? Now, there’s one really simple way to do this. It’s called the Yoast SEO plugin. These days, SEO is really simple especially if you have a WordPress blog. … Continued


Conversion Optimisation – How to Get More From Your Website Visitors

You have visitors, but these visitors aren’t really converting into customers’, here are seven cool hacks that’ll increase your conversion rate. You may have noticed that a few websites have a countdown clock. That countdown clock is accurate, it resembles when our offer is going to end. If you leverage countdown clock on your website, … Continued

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