Facebook Ads Vs Google Ads

There’s Facebook, and then there’s Google. Which one should you use for your business? First off, Google is intent-based. So with Google AdWords, people type in based on what they’re looking for. Buy a cheap cell phone, cheap hotels in Las Vegas. These are all examples of things that people would be typing in. That’s … Continued


Easy Ways to Get Marketing Your Business Online

The first thing you need to do is google any of those localized search terms within your region. What you’ll notice is there’s going to be a map at the top, and then there’s going to be three listings. That’s called local pack, and as you can see, there’s always a map, and there’s always … Continued


How to Create Good Content That People Love To Share

When you write content, you want it to go viral. You want people to be sharing it, linking to it, clicking to it, and you want it to rank on Google. So, how do you consistently create viral content? The first thing you need to do is go to Google.com/trends and type in keywords and … Continued


Facebook Marketing – When Should You Post?

Should you be posting on Facebook at 5am or noontime? The reason the answer is not what you’re expecting is because each and every single person is different, your business is different, your personal profile page is different, and ideally you should have a business page .If you don’t, go create a fan page. The … Continued


Content Marketing ROI – How to Measure

Sign up for Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tool from Google and it will tell you how much traffic you’re getting, and from which channels. Not only will Google Analytics show you how much traffic you’re getting, but, and this is a second tip, is it can tell you how many conversions you’re … Continued


Build Your Brick and Mortar Business Using Digital

The first thing you need to know about is Google My Business.  Google My Business allows you to submit your localized business to Google here you’re putting in your company name, your address, and your phone number. Once you’re listed in there, you can rank in the localized pack. The localized pack is whenever you … Continued


Brand Building – How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Brand

The power of branding is all about anchoring yourself into a specific term.  It’s how you’ve anchored yourself into a specific term or feeling or emotion, and that’s what you want to convey with your business. It’s not just about getting traffic from Google or social media, it’s all about connecting your name or your … Continued


An Important SEO Ranking Factor That All Webmasters Should Know About

Even though backlinks continue to be the cornerstone of Google’s algorithm, it’s clear that user experience signals influence search engine rankings today. Here are three practical ways that you can take advantage of these user experience signals, including my APP Formula. But first, here’s an example from Backlink (Brian Dean) to show you just how … Continued


Why You Shouldn’t Copy Your Competitors

Here’s why you shouldn’t copy your competitors. Here’s the first reason. You don’t always know what’s happening with your competitor’s business. For example, just because they have a similar product to yours you don’t necessarily know why people prefer their product over yours. There could be something special about it, or they could have been … Continued

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