Brand Building – How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Brand

The power of branding is all about anchoring yourself into a specific term.  It’s how you’ve anchored yourself into a specific term or feeling or emotion, and that’s what you want to convey with your business. It’s not just about getting traffic from Google or social media, it’s all about connecting your name or your company name with a specific service.

You want to do communications within your corporation, you’re going to use Slack or Skype. They brand themselves for being amazing products for those kinds of problems. So think about what kind of industry you’re in, and figure out what kind of problem that you can solve for people. Once you’ve figured out your problem, use you’re branding and hammer down your solution.

The moment you can keep feeding your solution down everyone’s mouth, eventually, they’ll know that your company does this one specific thing.  Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TV commercials, they’re not going to be the main source of your revenue, your brand is. And that’s what lasts in the long run

If you want to measure how big your brand is, go to and type in your company name. If Google doesn’t show any results, that means your brand’s really small .If they’re starting to show some results, and it’ll be in a graph format, you can see if it’s flat, if it’s climbing or declining. That’ll tell you how good you’re doing from a brand perspective. Your goal should be to get that graph to continually climb up and to the right.

That means that your brand is continually rising. Just think of large brand and type into Google Trends, you’ll see a trend.

There be some huge spikes here and there, and that’s what happens when you get press or some mentions, or interviews, or magazines and stuff, or even TV stuff.

But, overall, as long as it goes up and towards the right, that brand is doing well. If not, that means they are not doing enough marketing.

and if they are doing enough marketing, that means people aren’t connecting with it. They are not using enough emotions. They are not using enough storytelling.

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