Is Building Backlinks To Your Competitors A Good Thing?

It’s sad, but you’re not going to produce the best content on the web. Sure, you may have some amazing articles, but your competitors probably have some amazing articles as well.

“Should you link out to your competitors? “Well, the short answer is, “Yes. “It doesn’t matter if someone’s even a direct competitor. You know what? When it’s relevant, and it makes sense, and it benefits the reader or the user. Why link out? Because you are doing what is best for them.

If you do what’s best for your visitors, it’ll help you grow, not just because it’s building loyalty … That’s one benefit, but the other benefit that most people don’t realize is when you link out to other websites, especially competitors, Google understands what neighbourhood your website belongs in, what it’s about, what you’re topically relevant towards. When they have this information, they can rank you better. It’s all about giving Google signals. It’s not just about linking to your competitors, you need to also link out to other websites within your niche even if they’re not direct competitors and they’re informational websites. A lot of times, I’ll site them because they have amazing information and they’ve done all this research. I don’t care if their products are somewhat similar to mine, if it’s amazing, I’m going to site them.

By linking out to them, it shows Google, “Hey, this website site isn’t just about my products and services. It’s about my industry in general. Look, he’s linking out to everyone else within this space so if they rank well, we should also rank him well because he’s linking out them and because he’s linking out to them, a lot of them actually even link back out back to him. We should also rank him highly just like how we rank the competitors highly. “That’s why you should link out to other websites, especially competitors.

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