Building Links from Article Directories

There’s all these directories out on the web they’re one of the easiest place to get links. Hey everyone I’m Neil Patel and today I’m going to answer the question: should you get links from article directories? Well the quick and easy answer is “no!” Just look at this directory here on this screen. You look at it, you can see that you can buy a link and it may seem cool and all, and you can go there and you can submit a link, some of these directories are free, some of them aren’t. And you’ll notice that there’s a lot of directories for every single vertical and industry out there. If you’re in the dog niche there’s a dog directory. If you’re in the computer and IT niche there’s a computer an IT directory, but because these links are so easy to get and Google knows that.

Some of them are free and some of them are paid directory, but because these links are so easy to get. You combine them in many cases some of them are free some of them are paid they know that there’s no real value to them it doesn’t matter if these directories have a domain Authority of 70 or 80 because they’re so easy to get. Google doesn’t place much value on them and I’ve went through it and I’ve built hundreds and hundreds of article directory links in the past.

A few years ago this worked well, rankings would rise but it stopped working in roughly 2013… 2014. So, for that reason, you should not build any more articled directory links. Now if you have ones from the past that’s okay. You don’t need disavow.

Disavowing is telling Google “don’t index them”, “don’t call them”, “don’t count them towards my links”. They don’t really hurt you but they don’t really help you. So, don’t waste your time on them. The only time you should be building directory links is if it can drive business for you. For example, there’s a lot of legal directories such as Avow and Now if you’re a lawyer you can actually get business from these sites. So, should you get links from these sites? Yes, because it can drive business. Will these links help your search engine rankings? No. If you’re going to build links from these directories to get more business because the directory sites are popular by all means go for it and do it. But if you’re going to do it for manipulating Google. Don’t waste your time because it’s not going to help your rankings.

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