Facebook Marketing – When Should You Post?

Should you be posting on Facebook at 5am or noontime?

The reason the answer is not what you’re expecting is because each and every single person is different, your business is different, your personal profile page is different, and ideally you should have a business page .If you don’t, go create a fan page. The reason it’s different is your followers are going to engage at different times, Facebook provides is a tool called Facebook Insights, it shows you when people are on your fan page.

They break it down based on engagement. .Now that you know to be using Facebook Insights, the answer isn’t as simply as posting in whatever time frame you’re seeing on Facebook Insights because Facebook Insights measures engagement. It’ll tell you what posts are doing well during what time frame when you post them. The only real way to know when you should be posting on Facebook is to test it out.

So, first start by testing, you can schedule your post using Facebook, you first start 5am, 8am, noon, 2pm, 4pm, 8pm. Just try those rough windows out. Once you see what time frames are doing the best you can then post within an hour of each of those time frames and figure out what’s working the best. Once you have that down, you’ll know what time you should be posting each and every single day on Facebook. Keep in mind weekdays are going to be different than weekends so you need to test this out each and every single day, Monday through Fridays work the same but Saturdays and Sundays work different than the weekdays.

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