How To Get More Customers To Contact You – Optimize Your Contact Page

You want more people to contact you, well, the more people that contact you, and the more customers that you can end up getting. How to create amazing contact page? If you want amazing contact page one of the first things you can do is find a contact page that you easily engage with, and make yours better.

Number one, you need to create a story.

If you create a story about yourself or about who you are, your company, it helps encourage more people to contact you.

Number two tell people who I want contacting me and who I don’t and by doing that I get less of the “time wasters’ and more of the good stuff.

If you do that, you’ll start getting more relevant people contacting you.

And number three, make sure you break down your contact page in a way in which it goes to different people depending on what they’re looking for, use a drop down and when you select on that drop down on what you need help with it goes to different people.

That way you and other people within your organization aren’t wasting time with irrelevant inquiries.

Follow those tips, techniques and you will definitely see an improvement in leads generated from your website.

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