How to do Keyword Research for Google

Before you get traffic from Google, you first need to decide what keywords should you try and get traffic from. If you don’t know the right keywords, then you don’t know what to rank for, or what to buy ads for. If you get irrelevant traffic, you will not make any sales hence wasting your time and money.

It’s quite simple to do keyword research.

Step 1: visit SEM Rush, type in your main competitor, scroll down and you will find “Top Paid Keywords”. This is the list of all keywords that your competitors are paying for. If someone is continuously paying for these keywords, it means that it is driving them traffic, and more importantly, SALES.

You shouldn’t depend on just one competitor, but instead think of your top 3 direct competitors and enter these into SEM Rush. If you don’t have many direct competitors, use your indirect competitors.

See what main keywords all your competitors are spending money on, hence driving them quality traffic, these are the keywords you should be going after. If you notice that your top 3 competitors are bidding for the same keywords, it will tell you that those are the terms you should be targeting. If all 3 competitors are bidding on the exact same terms, then they all cannot be wrong, and these keywords must be working for them. You should then target these keywords, and ensure that you are visible on Google both organically, or through a paid campaign. The easiest and quickest way to target these keywords is via Google AdWords. Once you have identified your top keywords, you can start a search campaign and get found on Google immediately

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