How to Increase Your Organic Traffic in a Month?

Are there any ways to quickly increase your search traffic? The answer is yes; you can increase your search traffic by 50% in less than a month.

Let’s look at URL structure.

Cleaning up your URL structure can increase your website traffic. Always ensure that your URL structure correlates with your overall on-page SEO. Keep your most important keywords at the beginning of your URL. Google looks at a URL structure in a hierarchy. Try not to use dates in your URLs, as Google will look at the URL structure and deem the content relevant to the date, so they correlate every page or blog post relating to a specific day, which is very inaccurate, as your content could still be relevant in a year from now.

What else needs to be done when cleaning up your URL’s?

1)    You cannot just change your URL structure, you have to take all your old URl’s and 301 redirect to your new URLs.

2)    Change all the internal links on your website to the new URLS

3)    All blog posts on your website should be found under the /blog URL structure, all other pages should be under whatever structure is most relative to them, for example, one of the products you offer is “Office Furniture”, it could be

So, the hierarchy, the folder above your main pages should be related to whatever category it is, and that category should be within your URL structure.

Give it try, this could increase your search traffic more than anything else.

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