Optimise Your Headlining to Get Better CTR’s

Eight out of ten people are going to read your headline, but only two out of ten are going to click through and read the rest of your article. Why? It’s because your headlines aren’t catchy?

You want to make sure it’s so appealing people not only want to click through, but they’re going read the rest of your posts. So how do you do this? Well, luckily for you I ran over two thousand blog posts and I’m not the best writer, I have a lot of grammar errors, I’m dyslexic, but when you do something long enough, eventually you learn what not to do. The first thing that I’ve learned is blog post titles that are roughly six to seven words tend to do better than blog post titles that are only three words or twenty words.

Why? Because it’s either too little so it doesn’t explain to their visitor or reader what they’re going to get when they read the rest of your post, or if it’s too long it’s just overwhelming and it’s a sentence and no one’s going read it.

Also, when it’s around six to seven words it tends to fit really well and when you do Google search you’ll notice that that title in most cases won’t be cut off, because it’s not too long. If it’s cut off, that’s a bad thing, because then you’re going get less search traffic, the second thing that you need to do is use adjectives.

When you use adjectives within your headline, more people are going click on it. The third thing you need to do is consider using the year.

You don’t always want to do this, it won’t work for every type of blog post, but a detailed article such as “The beginner’s guide to SEO” You can put within the title “updated 2017” or “updated 2020” that causes a lot more clicks because people know it’s fresh. The fourth tip that I have for you is to use tools like Portent’s title generator, you can put in a keyword in there and it will come up with really snazzy titles, such as “MacGyver’s way to generating more traffic”, right? You may not know MacGyver but he was like really nifty and would figure out ways to do things that other people couldn’t. And I’m just making up examples that are probably not the best title but Portent, their tool will come up with way better titles for you.

The fifth strategy I have for you is to Google “copy blogger headline formula”. They’ll have a list of templates for you all you have to do is plug in your key words and it’ll come up with headlines that work well for you.

The sixth thing, is to know your reader base. I have noticed most my readers are marketers who are just starting off, so when I talk about how they can get more search traffic without spending any money, it appeals to them a lot and those titles get a lot of social shares and click through, and tons of reads. If you use those tactics, you’re going be able to create a catchy blog post title that people are going to read, click through and then, read the rest of your blog posts.

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