Why You Shouldn’t Copy Your Competitors

Here’s why you shouldn’t copy your competitors. Here’s the first reason. You don’t always know what’s happening with your competitor’s business. For example, just because they have a similar product to yours you don’t necessarily know why people prefer their product over yours.

There could be something special about it, or they could have been in the market place so much longer that they build up so much brand credibility that they can get away with pretty much anything.

Number two, a lot of people make their changes based on opinions.  You don’t want to make changes based on opinions. You want to make changes based off of facts. A lot of times, your competitors are doing changes to their websites just because they feel like they want to do those changes. They have that gut feeling that this is going to work for them which don’t necessarily work.  Data works, using data to drive your decisions. You want to use data to make changes on your website.

CrazyEgg helps when you make changes on my website. You can use it to run split tests. If I just copy someone it’s not necessarily going to work. Running split tests to see what works for your audience is really powerful.

The main reason you don’t want to copy is because you’re different than your competition.

You need your own unique selling proposition. If someone’s already bigger than you copying them won’t make you bigger than them. You got to be different, and by being different you need to create a unique selling proposition.

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