Should You Use Hashtags On Instagram? Get More Instagram Followers

Do you use hashtags? They used to be used years and years ago, but now when you go on Facebook, who’s using hashtags? Same with Twitter. They’re all something of the past.

You sometimes still do see them on Instagram, but these days no one really uses hashtags. Should you be using hashtags?

Yes, you still need to use them on specific social networks. On Twitter it doesn’t really matter anymore. On Facebook it doesn’t really matter either. LinkedIn, definitely not!

But for Instagram it does. A lot of people are still clicking through on the hashtags on Instagram and it gives them amazing and easy ways to find your photos.

Instagram is a visual social network, so on Instagram they don’t really know what your photo is about. Yes, there’s a description there, but the hashtags really help!

On Facebook people are putting status updates with a lot of text. They’re doing the same on LinkedIn. They’re doing the same on Twitter. But on Instagram, in many cases, people are just putting a photo and nothing else.

So, if you’re using Instagram, you should still use hashtags. Now, the real question is how many hashtags should you be using?

Just pick five, six, or seven. And where using them make sure they’re very specific to your photo. And by doing that, it’ll be relevant and you’re getting more traffic. And last but not least, make sure when you’re using the hashtags you’re picking hashtags that generate a lot of traffic. You can use tools like Ubersuggest.

You type in any keyword related to the photo you have, and it’ll give you more ideas of hashtags. They’ll give you a list of hundreds and hundreds of other keywords. It’s basing this off of what people search for on Google. And if you use similar ones on your Instagram hashtag, you’ll notice that it’ll generate you more traffic.

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