What Are Featured Snippets In Google Search?

Many of you have noticed featured snippets in search, it is Google way of delivering content intended to answers a search query without the need of a click on through to the website that the content sits on. These snippets are often termed Position zero, as they appear above the first result on SERPs. Featured snippets is a powerful platform to deliver your content to a user quickly based on natural search.

What does this mean?  Your content is valuable, and should be represented in a format that answers a question … For example, “How do I increase the traffic to my website”, your question based query will be met with a snippet of content that answers your question. These snippets are often pulled from websites that are already found on page one of Google, however it can be pulled from websites that are found further down SERPs.

Providing a search friendly means to answer a user’s questions as quickly as possible has always been Googles objective, as they do place the users experience as priority in all cases.

These snippets take up prime real estate on SERPs, and can essentially dominate the page in mobile search. Can you imagine the power of this for your brand, to be seen as the most reputable source of content in your niche.

How featured snippets could potentially help your brand online:

Featured snippets drive additional relevant organic traffic to your website

Featured snippets increase your visibility in Google Search Engine Results Pages|

Featured snippets attracts trust and credibility to your brand

How to optimise your website for a featured snippet?

Starting to optimize your content for featured snippets, or reworking previous content to get a snippet, requires a few formatting techniques. Read more on our article on “How do to get a Google featured snippet for your business?

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