What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital is the promotion of products or brands through digital media.  By using digital marketing methods and channels you can analysis your marketing campaigns to analysis what is working and what isn’t working in real time. Although the internet is typically the most closely associated with digital marketing, other channels are just as important.

Digital media is everywhere, consumers can access information where ever, whenever, and how ever they want it, they are no longer influenced just by what you say about your brand, and in fact they are now influenced by what others say about your brand online. The reality is that, people prefer brands that they can trust, companies that know them, communications that are personalised and relevant. Offers that are tailored to their needs, and preferences. Digital marketing can deliver all of that, though there are 3 main channels that one has to overcome.

The proliferation of digital channels, consumers use multiple channels in a variety of different devices, with different protocols, specifications, as well as interfaces, which makes it a lot harder to manage digital marketing.

Competition is intensifying – this is due to how cost effective digital channels are compared to with traditional media such as print, making them within to all businesses.

Exploding data volumes – when consumers use digital channels they leave behind a massive trail of data, how this data is often not integrated with data from other operations and business activities, resulting in businesses finding it hard to get the right data to make strategic and tactical decisions.

Given these challenges, what does one require to get digital marketing right?

It basically boils down to 3 actions:

Managing complex customer relationships across channels both digital and traditional.

Responding to and initiating dynamic customer interactions and extracting value from big data applications to help you make better decisions faster.

Knowing your customer is just even enough, you need to know them better than everyone else, so that you can communicate with them where, when and how they are most receptive to your message.

In order to get this done successfully you need a holistic view on your customer preferences and expectations across all channels, not just digital.

With this information, you now have the power to create constant coordinated customer experiences that will move them along their buying cycle…

The speed and immediacy of digital, supplemented with the power of analytics make it possible to measure, monitor and test campaign performance in real time, to learn what doesn’t and doesn’t work, helping you improve the customer experience and marketing ROI.

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