What Is Marketing Analytics and Why It Matters?

Wonder how your marketing campaigns are really performing? Are they working together to build a solid customer base?

Which channel is attracting more than others? Analytics gives you a direct illustration of your marketing campaigns and the bigger picture of your overall marketing strategy.

The ability to accurately report on the past, analyse the past and predict the near future, is invaluable. Your point of view as a marketer may only be as good as what your data, especially if it’s sitting in individual channels.

So how do you couple your business growth with technology and many data sources to get the most accurate assessment? The only way to get this is through an integrated marketing analytics platform that allows you to make decisions, to get all the information you require.


3 Steps

• Consider using a variety of analytics technologies, you will then know for sure that all your basics are covered, no channels go unchecked.

• Use in-depth analytics to find gaps in your marketing, learn which channels brought about the most engagement and which has brought about the least. Allow you to easily find the gaps and fill them up over time.

• Act on what you have learned, test, retest and learn. Marketing analytics help you improve your customer marketing strategy and performance.

Success takes time, the right talent to dig deep into your data and the right software to help you analyses this data.

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