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39 Whiskin Ave, Crowthorne A H, Midrand, South Africa

Business Overview

Poplar Academy is your number one private education college. We offer you a first class pre-school education system.  Choosing your child’s pre-school education is an important decision that affects their childhood development.  Poplar Academy is an independent college situated in Crowthorne, Johannesburg. Poplar Academy is also a part of the University of Cambridge international exam centre attached to the British Council in Johannesburg. Our college allows between 12 – 15 learners per class. We offer French as a third language and focus on language and perceptual skills. Poplar Academy provides an early childhood development centre for ages 2 – 5. We believe in providing you with respect, empathy and lifelong learning. Visit our private college today for a supportive and nurturing learning environment. 

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