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3 Susan St, Strijdom Park, Randburg, 2194

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Protective covers which protect patio furniture, braai's, umbrella's and the like from dust, rain, UV, pets, birds, etc. Patio, Stoep, Veranda, call them what you please. Patio's and the great outdoors are what South African have become accustomed to. We are blessed to have arguably the best climate in the world. Patio's have become the place to hang-out, relax and entertain. Whether having friends over for a braai or to watch and discuss the main sporting event of the week. Patio's are the place where South Africans congregate. Our patio is a natural extension of the home. It's about bringing the outside in, so that we feel as if we are continually living in our garden. Some Patio's are enclosed in glass, roofs and skylights. Others merely have a pagoda or very little protection at all. Today there is a fantastic range of Patio furniture available from Cane and Wicker to Wood and Plastic to Wrought Iron and Stainless Steel.

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