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BSI is a company which believes in applying wisdom in dealing with our customers, we undestand that our customer's needs are different and unique our passion is to address our customers with wisdom. Careers: Believe in employing team members who are hungry to fulfil faithfulness in their careers. Talent is never our drive to employee people but we focus in the hunger on faithfulness. Kindly submit your CV if you want to join our team. A Division in Chemicals & Accounting, training and consulting. Click Here

The most common chemicals we eat every day

Today's fast-paced world has resulted in us grabbing food and not putting much thought into what is in the products we consume. It’s easy to assume that just because it’s on the shelf of a trusted retailer that it is regulated with healthy consumable ingredients. Chemical preservatives keep the food fresh longer, and o enhance its shelf appeal. If you wish to be health-conscious, you should start by educating yourself on what goes into much of the food you purchase. Here are some of the most common chemicals you eat every day.